Hogwarts for strings: Sal Giardina's Old Metairie shop is a wonderland

There are no neon lights in the window to catch the attention of passersby, as there are at the neighboring shops. Like something from the Wizarding World, it’s as if a person might only notice the shadowy doorway and peeling gold and silver letters on the glass if they’ve specifically come looking for them.

What's happening in (virtual) New Orleans this weekend: Sept. 25-27

Bars are closed again and the maximum size of group gatherings has been reduced, but there’s still plenty of fun to be had online while getting those COVID cases back under control. Here are some of the events we’re most looking forward to in Virtual New Orleans this week.

Tapeh's Water Ice brings a tasty east coast treat to Algiers

Water ice is a tasty dessert that’s big in the east, especially in Philadelphia. The finely granulated concoction is blended with flavor throughout and scoops and eats like ice cream. It melts slowly and makes for the perfect treat on a hot day.