Nazis, Intimidation, and Espionage: How a St. Charles Mansion Became Part of a WWII Conspiracy

It sounds like the plot of a Hollywood summer blockbuster — a vast campaign of espionage and propaganda taking place on U.S. soil that must be stopped before the fabric of America unravels. But this story isn’t fiction. Carried out from a stately St. Charles mansion, Baron Edgar von Spiegel, German Consul to New Orleans, undertook his campaign of intimidation, espionage, and misinformation.

Meet the women bringing comedy back to New Orleans

While we all spent the past 15 months grappling with the correct way to process a pandemic, the early success of the woman-owned Comedy House NOLA suggests that both the comics and the everyday citizens of New Orleans have arrived at the same conclusion as its owners — that comedy is, in fact, healing.

Coolinary New Orleans

Here are 5 Coolinary New Orleans picks you need to try this summer

Coolinary is back in New Orleans from July 14 to Sept. 5, and more than 80 restaurants will be offering special menu options at reasonable prices, so you don’t have any excuse to miss out. In order to make things a little easier to navigate, I made a Top 5-04 list of a few spots you might want to check out with some deals you won’t want to miss.

Top 5-04: Where are the best cocktails in New Orleans?

Because New Orleans is packed with amazing cocktail bars (and their signature drinks), we decided to make it a bit easier for you to narrow down some places you might want to check out, next time you feel like a night (or afternoon) out. For this Top 5-04 list, it’s all about the drinks and where to get them.

Algiers Point Food

Hungry? Check out these hidden Algiers Point gems

Although it’s no French Quarter as far as the sheer volume of eats, Algiers has seen an uptick of cuisine choices in the past few years, with the opening of Plume, Cebu Lechon and (any minute now) Barracuda, and the neighborhood still feels ripe with potential.

How a Black Civil War Hero’s funeral paved the way for second lines

In an attempt to earn the full freedom and equality of the white caste, Captain André Cailloux fought in the Battle at Port Hudson, Louisiana, in 1863 becoming the first widely publicized Black Civil War hero. His funeral was the largest procession the city had seen at the time, and is considered by many to be the predecessor to modern-day jazz funerals and second lines.

How to spend a Sunday stroll exploring Uptown New Orleans

As we return to familiar places, remember to seek out new experiences too. Businesses are reopening and could use a boost. Combining the pleasure of venturing out with stopping into new places means it could be the perfect time to reinstate the tradition of a Sunday stroll. 

Top 5-04: Unique museums across New Orleans

Here in New Orleans, we love a museum; it almost seems like there’s one around every corner. While we all know about the more popular museums in town like NOMA and The Ogden, we also have a great selection of more curated museums, as well. Here are the top 5 “hidden” museums that you might want to explore, the next time you’re looking for a learning adventure in New Orleans.

Top 5-04: Top 5 Spots to Enjoy an Outdoor Drink in New Orleans

There’s no way to know when the first New Orleanians sipped her or his beverage of choice in the fresh air, but courtyards have been a recognizable element of what is now the French Quarter since the late-1700s. Here’s our list of where you can get an adult brew with a view.

The Ultimate New Orleans Whiskey Drinking Wish List

If there’s one thing the VLNOLA team can agree on, it’s whiskey. From Crown Royal to Jack to Jameson, we’re here for it. So when it came to a list for the whiskey drinkers, it was almost TOO easy. Here are some great gifts for you or the whiskey lover in your life.

Your guide for sweet treats to cool off in New Orleans

Let’s be honest, New Orleans is hot. Snowball stands are open almost year-round and anytime I can get my hands on a cool treat, I’m in. Here’s a list of places we’ve discovered to cool off and satisfy your sweet tooth!