⚜ Deja Who … Dat

While we wait to begin our New Year’s resolutions at the start of Lent, we’re filling our bellies with the sweet royalty-based baked goods and spirits with that sweet sovereign sipping flavor (King Cake everything) to get us up and crunk as the Saints make their way to the Super Bo— What year is it again? Oh, right. It’s just a little Deja Who Dat. But before the city comes to a screeching halt for a Black and Gold pig skin pass, we have to go over some things and get you ready for another feather plucking victory over the Eagles.

A very hot take – Gordon Ramsay and Trolley Stop Café

The chef who proclaims to clean up the hell and nightmare kitchens, Gordon Ramsay, stopped by the St Charles Avenue pit stop Trolley Stop Cafe, shouted, changed the menu and cleaned up the joint. Does it hold up after all the bloody yelling? We made a visit and here’s what happened.

Big Brother is not watching – Red Light Cameras

Twenty of 31 red light cameras are OFF! That’s not an excuse to speed, mind you. But it IS a reason to rejoice. So which ones are off and which ones are still gonna smack you with a bright flashy ticket and send you into a rage? Here’s the list of lists of the cameras that are still on.

YES, your majesty! – King Cake everything

By royal decree, we get turnt on Mardi Gras. We’re just following orders from his highness Rex. But before all that, we want more majestic madness. We noticed king cake is taking over everything. It’s basically our own pumpkin spice season. From ice cream to liquor, we’re tallying up king cake-flavored everything we can get our hands on. Here’s the running royal list, sire.


Your Weekend Planner


Saints Black & Gold Friday | 12-1 p.m. | Hancock Whitney Center

Take a lunch break and get some music, refreshments and high five Roman Harper, the Saintsations and mascot Sir Saint. You’ll want to use your lunch break for this because there will be giveaways for field passes and tickets for Sunday’s game!


Oh! You Pretty Things: A David Bowie Burlesque Tribute | 8 p.m. | One-Eyed Jacks

A burlesque tribute to the Starman himself? Tshca! We’re all in for this. Burlesque and live music tributes to the late legend go all evening on Saturday, with two shows dedicated to all things Thin White Duke.


Saints Tailgate Concert Series w/ Casme | 10 a.m. – 4 p.m. | Fontaine Palace NOLA

Before the game. Four bars. Surrounded by parking lots. DJs. Live music. Nuff said.


What Else You Should Be Looking At