🌕 Freaky Friday, here we come!

Tomorrow is Friday the 13th. That traditionally sets the tone for the superstitious and even the little-to-moderately-stitious. And with a full moon, you might even be ubersticious. But in this newsletter, you have no reason to be suspicious, because we’re focusing on the delicious, the ambitious and things that are propitious. For your weekend, we were judicious so you wouldn’t feel like it’s repetitious.


Mama Mia’s Chicken Soup for the Soul

Mama X is a hip-hop legend, synonymous with the likes of Master P, Silkk Da Shocker and even sharing a track with Foxy Brown. But did you know she knows her way around the kitchen, too? Her memoir “Things My Grandma Told Me, Things My Grandma Showed Me,” is a heartfelt, real and often times gritty ode to her Mamaw, who had a huge hand in raising Mia. It’s also a twofold book, combining the stories with Mia’s own recipes and twists on New Orleans staples. To top it off, she’s speaking a panel next week, highlighting local entrepreneurs who’ve started their own restaurant-based business. Click here to watch her talk about her chicken therapy sessions and here to get tickets for the panel.


Creating Connections

You’ve likely been inside their works of art. Meet the architectural minds of Farouki Farouki — the duo behind places like Otra Vez and Maypop Restaurant, whose mission as architects is to create spaces that foster connections between people. In this video, go behind what inspires them daily to make gorgeous, functional works of art. (This video was created in partnership with The Shop at the CAC)


What’s ‘Beyond Bourbon Street’?

Let’s be honest, as locals, we only hit Bourbon Street when our friends come in town. New Orleanians understand the heart and soul that lies deeper in the city, and Mark Belonga’s podcast brings that to life. So far, “Beyond Bourbon Street” has 96 episodes, which air biweekly, and has been downloaded just shy of a half-million times. The podcast gives an inside look at the city and the people that make our culture unique. Click here to read more about it.  


What’s Happening This Weekend


Friday, Sept. 13

The Mortuary Haunted House Opening Day | Starts at dusk | 4800 Canal Street | $30

Of course there’s a haunted house open on Friday the 13th, and the Mortuary is getting a head start on spooky season. Friday is their opening day, with three more dates in September for you to get your scares in early.

Restaurant Week at Nolé | Sept. 13-15 | 2001 St. Charles Avenue | Various Prices

Celebrate restaurant week at Nolé! The restaurant took over the former Cheesecake Bistro on St. Charles Avenue, and honestly, it’s a perfect replacement. It’s a place with an impeccable culinary marriage of all things New Orleans and all things Latin America. It celebrates restaurant week with specials for lunch and dinner, as well as Sunday Brunch. Click here to read more about their brunch and here to read more on their restaurant week events.  

Saturday, Sept. 14

Music Box Village – Fall Opening Weekend | 10 a.m. | 4557 N. Rampart Street | $5-$10

If you haven’t been to the Music Box Village, you’re missing out. The village is a collection of tiny houses that double as musical instruments, and it’s back open for you to play in! The newest musical installation is an elevator that features the voices of deaf Louisiana residents, and it’s a great way to experience sound in a new dimension.

Irish Fest | 9 a.m. – 6 p.m. | 1600 Constance Street | $10 presale, $15 at the door

This fest celebrates the histories of the Irish in New Orleans through music, dance, cuisine and storytelling. There’s also a corned beef cook off, crafts and horseback riding.

Sunday, Sept. 15

Fiesta Fest | 5 p.m. – midnight | Felipe’s Mid-City | Free

Experience live music, delicious food, and fresh-squeezed margaritas while being immersed in a celebration of Mexican and Central American culture.

Rum & Revenge | 3-5 p.m. | Claret Wine & Cocktail Bar | Various prices

It’s revenge time! Bring out your ref shirts, your voodoo dolls and your drinking buddies, because the game against the Los Angeles Rams is here! Roulaison Distilling will be offering free samples and happy hour will be going on until 6 p.m.


What Else You Should Know