🎉 Into the fray of festivals

Heyo! Spring is here and it doesn’t feel as if much has changed. Parades are still happening and the weather feels the same. The only difference now is that we get to take a short breath and brace for festivals to put that boisterous beat in our brains before the unbearable beams of the summer sun beat us down. But what a week in which to catch a breath – parades, Super Sunday, St. Joseph’s Night. Whew! In this short inhale of O2, here are some things to fill your noggin, fill your stomach and bring you inner peace before we’re back into the fray of festivals.

Noggin: The story behind this Mardi Gras Indian queen suit

On Super Sunday, hundreds fill the area near A.L. Davis Park, but the crowd parts like the Red Sea for Queen Tahj Williams. We ask her about her suit that is a love song to the strong women in her life.

Stomach: FullBlast Brunchfaced

We love the love child of breakfast and lunch. And when we sought eat up the goodness of the two meals’ offspring, we grabbed some folks and frolicked over to FullBlast Brunch. Yes. That’s the full name. And it’s a place we can rest-au-RANT about our heart-eyed faces over.

Inner Peace: Mats and Meows – purrrfect

We’re all about mew experiences and feline fine. We’re getting ready for a pawsome yoga experience from Footprints to Fitness. It’s a hip-hop, cat-infused yoga class with a portion of the proceeds going to Zeus’ Rescues. Get the deets and get whiskered away to finding your meowvana.


What To Do With Your Weekend


Louisiana Crawfish Festival | Chalmette | 5 p.m.-12 a.m. | Price: $5

So you’ll have to travel to Da Parish for this one, but why not celebrate crawfish? The festival starts today and continues through Sunday.


Girl Scout Cookie Beer Pairings | Urban South Brewery | 11 a.m. | Price: $20

OK, so when you think of Girl Scout cookies you probably don’t think of beer, but that’s only because you don’t know any better! Find out what beer goes best with a Samoa at this shindig.

Italian-American St. Joseph’s Parade | French Quarter | 6 p.m. | Price: FREE

Do we need to explain why it’s just awesome to go to an evening Irish parade in the Quarter? Aye, we didn’t think so either, love.


Irish-Italian Parade | Metairie | 12 p.m. | Price: FREE

You “slaw” that more cabbage-tossing parades were coming. This parade in Metairie is more like the truck parades in the city on Mardi Gras Day, and with the big trucks you might not get as many kisses on the cheek. Still, the more groceries, the better.


What Else You Should Be Looking At