👊🏈It won’t be easy like Sunday morning

Feeling a lot like a 2010 CeeLo Green. We see the Rams prepping for the game we should have won, and we’re like “Reff Youuuuu.” It’s been a long couple of weeks. This was supposed to be THE WEEKEND. But the reality is the Rams and refs and the N-eff-L pulled a Kanye on us and took the mic away and stole the moment. Since football fans everywhere, and even the NFL, agrees that the no call was a bad call, we’re on call to tell everyone to pick yourself up and just boycott it. Forget that game. It doesn’t exist. It’s like getting out of the CBD in a timely fashion after work. It’s nice to want things. Take your mind off it with our planner and some knowledge droppings.

For obvious reasons – Boycott Bowl
On Sunday, instead of sinking into your couch and eating chips from the feedbag strapped to your face to consume your feelings, get out and join the city for the “not watch party” of the Super Droll. Boycott Bowl is Sunday on Fulton Street, and Choppa is going to be there along with Kermit Ruffins, Flow Tribe and more. Here’s the deets.

Move the office to the bar
Ditch the coffee air if you dare. Crawl on down to a bar that’s not far and get work done like a rockstar. When you’re working on those emails, look at the selection of ales. We’re partial to the changing workspace, but we’re not suggesting you get ****faced — but these bars to work in beat the walls of the typical rat race.

Not a horse, of course of course – Exotic animal racing
Horses are too normal of a racing experience for us. The Fair Grounds took a more exotic approach to racing over the weekend. It wouldn’t be a stretch ostrich to say this was a wild affair. With jockeys riding Joe camels and earning their stripes on zebras, it’s something you have to see to believe.

What To Do

Harry Potter Trivia Pub Crawl | French Quarter | $15

Since we’re not speaking of the game which will not be named, join some wizards and muggles to see how well you know your Potterlore.

Brick Universe LEGO Expo | Pontchartrain Convention & Civic Center | $18

Build me up, buttercup. Or build a rad Saturday with this LEGO expo out at the Pontchartrain Convention & Civic Center. Professional LEGO artists, displays and building zones. “Everything is awesome when you’re living out a dream” here.

Super Bowl Blackout Second Line | Jackson Square | FREE
One thing: Referee penalty flag handkerchiefs. Worth it.

Boycott Bowl | Fulton Street | $10-$50
We mentioned this earlier. But duh. It has to be in your planner. Proceeds go to NORD. Not the NFL.

What Else You Need Right Now