💁Party in the N.O.L.A.

It feels good to make an impact, doesn’t it? We knew the way to hit back at the N.EFF.L. and it was right in the ratings kisser. We dropped the ratings and the mic on them with a massive middle phalange to the hard-of-seeing ref and the “meh” reaction of the NFL Commish. We put our hands up as Choppa was playing our song, and the ratings flew away. Noddin’ our like WHO DAT. What a party in the N.O.L.A. Now with the game that time will forget is over, we can look forward to love and farewell to the flesh aka Carnival. Ah, swoon!

Drop it like it’s hot – Blackout Second Line

We protest in the most fun way – parades. You were there. We were there, but let’s bask in the warm fire of revenge for a minute and feel the NFL cough on those ratings while we were out like Johnny Castle and Baby Houseman having the time of our lives. Lookit us just put the NFL in the corner. #WhoDat

You tryna yeah? – This baker turned sorrow into sweets

While those candy hearts are off the market and will no longer hurt anyone’s taste buds ever again, a local baker made something far more palatable. With local flair, these hearts will put the sweet taste of romance in your mouth that you won’t gag at (Don’t let the door hit ya on the way out, candy hearts).

If cheesecake and king cake had a baby – Ooey gooey king cakes

If you find yourself getting busted in your skivvies eating the king cake icing in the middle of the night, then let’s saunter down to the sweet section of king cakes of gooeyness. Ooey gooey king cakes are a not a newy thing. Get your frosted grubby hands on them here.


How To Spend Your Weekend


Cirque de 610 (610 Stompers Debutante Ball | Mardi Gras World| Tickets: Start at $40
The all-male marching ordinary men with extraordinary moves will be holding their annual debutante ball. Make sure to go in costume for this one.


Marley Gras Jerk Chicken Festival | Central City BBQ | Tickets: Start at $20
More than 15 food vendors strutting their jerk around with performers like DJ Jubilee and Hot Boy Ronald. Get it ready ready and get out there before parading.

Chewbacchus | Marigny | FREE
All hail the Sacred Drunken Wookie! This parade is a sci-fi classic for nerds and NOLA. This year’s royalty is Brian O’Halloran (Dante from the Kevin Smith movie “Clerks”). HE IS SUPPOSED TO BE HERE!

‘Tit Rex Parade | Begins at St. Roch and St. Claude | FREE
This pequeno parade hits the streets with 34 mini-floats and is a little fun to check out. Size doesn’t always matter for fun.

Tet Fest | Mary Queen of Vietnam Church | FREE
It’s Lunar New Year and this family friendly festival in the East spotlights the local Vietnamese community. Open to all!


What Else You Should See