15 Things You Need If You’re Going To A New Orleans Parade

You will be the envy of your rookie friends

No matter if it’s Mardi Gras or St. Patrick’s Day, here’s how WE prepare for a parade.

1. A lightweight backpack that can withstand the elements, beads and spirits flying through the air. ($17.99)

Why this is a good pick: Really a great backpack – holds a lot, nice & lightweight & really waterproof! … It steady rained one day, everything stayed dry inside the bag! Also the zippers don’t get hung up when opening & closing which was helpful going through bag checks. The lightweight part is helpful in keeping this bag from being hot against your back… – JS Johnson

Get it on Amazon: $17.99 (available in 12 colors)

2. Easy-to-carry TP for the times you have to use a port-o-let and don’t want to be caught with your pants down. ($5.99)

Why this is a good pick: Really helpful while traveling! … Because the roll doesn’t have a large center cardboard tube or any core, it is a small package and perfect size for carrying in my camera bag. To my surprise, not only is it double-ply paper but it’s perforated into standard sheets. It is such a simple little item but is oh so helpful when you really need it!” – Southern Belle

Get it on Amazon for: $5.99

3. This solar power cell phone charger to keep a charge at any time and  take all the photos, stream video and TikToks without worry. ($23.99)

Why this is a good pick: This solar power bank is great! Just went camping and used it. It stayed charged the whole time!! Which allowed my phones to be charged the whole time for pictures. It’s not as heavy as other power banks either! Last but not least, it has lights on it with different modes to flash. Which meant no bulky flash light going to the outhouse or walking down the road.” – Brittany

Get it on Amazon: $23.99

4. This slim and easy-to-conceal fanny pack to hold your phone and cash that you’ll need for all the cash-only instances you’ll come across. ($8.99)

Why this is a good pick:I like that the pockets expand with whatever item I put into it. It has two pockets so I never have to worry about losing certain items while fussing with others on my hike. In one pocket I put my keys, and never open while hiking. The other pocket holds my phone which I usually take out at least once to check my exercise app, take a picture or check a message … This product is more about holding multiple valuable items. It lays up against you as flat as you stuff it which means minimal bulk and no flopping around.” – lilg

Get it on Amazon: $8.99

5. This variety pack of delicious Zapp’s chips to stay fueled. ($19.99)

Why this is a good pick: Um, do we really need to explain how tasty these locally-made chips are? Crawtators? YES.

Get it on Amazon: $19.95

6. Or just this pack of Voodoo Zapp’s Chips if you’re picky. ($19.95)

Why this is a good pick:These chips are crazy good. I was given a bag , and they taste fantastic. The mixture of spices add a bold flavor. Have a good crunch. The only problem is, the taste so good, that you end up eating the whole bag.” – D. Schaefer

Get it on Amazon: $19.95

7. Also this pack of mouth-watering pralines for a sugar boost. ($16.13)

Why this is a good pick: This is another “duh” pick. They’re a New Orleans specialty and delicious. Anything else would make you stand out as a tourist.

Get it on Amazon: $16.13

8. This easily portable amount of hand sanitizer to stay germ-free from the hordes of people high-fiving you and throwing you things. ($14.99)

Why this is a good pick: You’re going to be around tons of people. You’ll want to be clean and germ-free in case others aren’t as clean as you.

Get it on Amazon: $14.99

9. This awesome beverage sling to keep your beverages close and mobile. ($7.56)

Why this is a good pick: Oh man, this thing is the best. I don’t know how I ever lived without it. It holds a six pack perfectly and looks discrete — my buddy thought I had just brought along a fly rod for a canoe trip. Kept my good friends frosty for a few hours and is easy to load and unload. It’s nice to be able to just slide the empties back in from the bottom without having to totally unload the thing. Looks like it will fit easily in my golf bag too. This summer is gonna be great!”Megan

Get it on Amazon: $7.56

10. You’ll also want this Yeti koozie to put those cans in so your drink stays cold and your hands stay warm. ($18.74)

Why this is a good pick: Bought two and we use them every day. Keeps drinks cold for hours…”Amazon Customer

Get it on Amazon: $18.74

11. This Brita filtered water bottle to get water anywhere and have it filtered because hydration will keep you from being passed out on the sidewalk. ($19.45)

Why this is a good pick: My favourite bottle! Easy to use and to clean. The taste is really better. Also, easy to carry around! I saved many plastic bottles by using my Brita instead!” – Adriana F

Get it on Amazon: $19.49

12. This super portable chair to sit down when you’re tired of standing or walking everywhere. ($19.99)

Why this is a good pick: I wanted a portable chair that wasn’t uncomfortable to carry around, but would allow me to quickly sit my butt down when we were at street fairs, concerts, parks or protests … It is extremely light weight. You can carry it in your hand, or over your shoulder with the strap. It’s easy to throw down and sit on in seconds.”Ziminy13

Get it on Amazon: $19.99

13. These anti-blister socks to walk in all day long. ($16.10)

Why this is a good pick: They were not only great to wear on the plane to keep my feet from swelling, but they held up well on a 5-mile hike through the rain and mud. I never had any trouble with hotspots or blisters and even though my trail running shoes were FULL of sand when we finished, I didn’t have any sand inside my socks.”Amanda S

Get them on Amazon: $16.10

14. This rain poncho to stay dry in case a random shower pops up. ($11.98)

Why these are a good pick: If it rains, you’ll stay dry and everyone can still see that costume you’ve been working on for months.

Get it on Amazon: $11.98

15. Sunscreen to avoid those harmful UV rays. ($8.97)

Why this is a good pick: You won’t get sunburned and you won’t be oily or greasy!

Get it on Amazon: $8.97

Now get out there and show everyone you know how to parade like a pro!