❤Lover or a fighter?🥊

It’s Valentine’s Day! Before you stop and think “Gah! I forgot!” and dash to the nearest convenience store to buy a giant heart filled with chocolates and eat half on the way home, we have some things in store for you to do with your significant other that will make that happy emotion juice come right out of their eye holes. So if you don’t have the sweet sonnet scribing skill, we have you covered to keep the fire burning to melt your significant other’s heart and be goobering all over each other. And if you’re celebrating Single’s Awareness Day, there’s something to keep you from sulking and spitting on sweethearts.

Ballin on a budget or just ballin – Romantic Ideas

Roses are red. Violets are blue (not really). If you forgot about today. We’re glad we’re not you. But if you are thinking of ways to impress your loved one, here’s some simple ideas to have romantic fun. Take a look at these ideas or skip to your weekend planner below for some other rich and cheesy ideas.

Canoodling Corners of the Crescent City

Wanna cuddle up and rub noses while looking at your lover cross-eyed? Well romantics, here are some places you can slide up into and get a bottle of love potion No. 9 to keep the flame hot and give your lover third-degree love burns.

As You Wish – The Broad Theater

It’s not inconceivable to think that you might not have a plan in place for today. The Broad Theater is throwing back to the ’80s with a perfect package featuring the romantic classic “The Princess Bride” with this last-minute lovers’ event. $40 will get you a couple’s package with sparkling wine or rose, chocolate-covered strawberries and a kissing-book film filled with fencing, fighting, torture, revenge … and true love.

S.A.D. (Single’s Awareness Day)

Roses are red. Violets aren’t blue. We’re bad at poetry. So screw it. And love stinks anyway, right? Grab your single ladies and your lone wolf pack for a night of non-romantic festivities. Hit the NOPSI Hotel at 6 p.m. to avoid all those people hit by that stupid baby angel shooting arrows at people. JUST BECAUSE THE ARROWS HAVE HEARTS DOES NOT MAKE IT LESS VIOLENT. (There, I said it)

Enjoy those love-infused libations? Hangover slayers

If the love dog bit you Thursday, here’s a cure.This is just a good idea for Thursday drunkenness and Carnival. There’s no better killer of the dog that bit you than a good old fashioned egg sandwich – food of the gods. We take a look at the best hangover slayer sandwiches in town.


Your Weekend Planner


Krewe Boheme | 7 p.m. | Marigny/French Quarter | FREE

This new krewe rolls this year led by the bohemian spiriti – the green fairy. La Vie Boheme!


Krewe du Vieux | 7 p.m. | French Quarter | FREE

This adult-themed satirical parade is not for the kiddies or the conservative. Get your glitter and glam up for this one.


Faces Of Zulu | 5-9 p.m. | Seventh Ward | FREE

Can’t wait for Fat Tuesday to see the colorful costumes of Zulu? Hit up this exhibition from Ashley Lorraine Photography.


What Else To Know