5 Things in Irish Channel

Irish Channel St. Patrick’s Day Parade, of course.

Yes, we know. This only happens once a year. But, this only happens once a year. You want to make sure you experience this one at least once. This one feels like a Mardi Gras parade mixed with a massive block party that just happens to span about 3 miles (during the years it’s not shortened due to Uptown construction). It’s more about hanging out with your friends and neighbors all day, sipping green beer and donning all green everything. We love costumes in New Orleans, so bust out your green wigs and tutus. Bring your tote bags so you can catch your dinner— cabbage, carrots, onions, potatoes and more. You’ll also want to nab a flower from one of the members of the Irish Channel St. Patrick’s Day Parade krewe, but it will usually cost you a kiss on the cheek.

Go shopping at all the locally owned boutiques and shops along Magazine.

Magazine Street is known for its unique boutiques and shops, which sell everything including clothing, jewelry, unique art and photography and items for the home. If you want it, you probably can find it on Magazine.

Brunch it up.

The city’s brunch champions know that Irish Channel has some of the best brunch spots of the city all within its boundaries: Red Dog Diner, The Ruby Slipper, Atchafalaya, Slim Goodies Diner, Basin. Yaaas! Bring on the mimosas and keep ‘em coming! But if you’re not in the brunch mood, your tastebuds will be just as delighted with the dishes offered at Irish Channel restaurants, including the ones listed here for brunch. Looking for a sure bet? You won’t be disappointed at Turkey & the Wolf, which was named the No. 1 best new restaurant in the country by Bon Appetit and a Food & Wine restaurant of the year. (**Although it’s not technically in the Irish Channel, it’s so close you should definitely put this casual, quirky and unequivocally delectable restaurant on your NOLA Bucket List.) Believe us, their bologna sandwich is so much better than the ones you used to make back in the day on the stove. (And those were good, even if you burned the baloney a lil’ bit.)

Have a drink at one of the local bars or brewery.

Get an ice cold brew at NOLA Brewing, a pineapple jalapeno marg from Arana, a painkiller from The Rum House, and your favorite go-to cocktail with your krewe from Tracey’s, Parasol’s, Pete’s Out in the Cold or the Tchoup Yard, along with others.

Take a tour of architectural gems, St. Alphonsus & St. Mary’s Assumption churches.

Anywhere else perhaps it would be a little unusual to see two ornate Catholic churches across the street from one another, but not in New Orleans, which has deeply Catholic roots. This is certainly true of the Irish Channel. The St. Alphonsus Art and Cultural Center houses a museum dedicated to the history of the Irish Channel. You can visit any time from 10 a.m. to 2  p.m. on Tuesdays, Thursdays and Saturdays.

Bonus: Go check out the Tiny Museum!

Just because we love that someone actually took the time and effort to make this little revolving “museum” for all of us to behold and experience, we encourage you to check it out.