Nosh & Nuptials: A couple just got married at Stein’s Deli

What does it take to get married at a deli? Likely a rye sense of humor and a lox of love.

That must be what Travis Clark and Laura Rekedal possess because they tied the knot at Stein’s Market & Deli, the iconic Jewish-Italian delicatessen on Friday morning.

“We’re just big big fans of the deli, and I’ve been friends with Dan for a few years now,” Clark told Very Local via Instagram. “And it was convenient for all involved.” Dan Stein is the owner of Stein’s Deli.

The couple’s #delinuptials were not part of their “real deal wedding,” which Clark said will be held in a few weeks up in Vermont, but they wanted to make it official now for other reasons.

After they said “I Do,” the two went on their way to each run their errands and ended the special day with happy hour drinks at Barrelproof, where they had their first date.

Both are transplants from the Northeast who moved to New Orleans separately. It was the internet, not “the Rachel” at Stein’s as you may have hoped, which brought the couple together three years ago.

Mazel Tov, Travis and Laura! We wish you all the #NOLALove!