A guide to grocery delivery services in New Orleans

Trying to avoid the frustration and keep your social distance?

There are a lot of options for grocery delivery and grocery pick-up in New Orleans. We’ve put together a list of local grocery delivery services we could find and the delivery fees for each.


COVID-19 Information from Instacart

  • Instacart offers a leave at my door delivery option. 

Instacart Delivery Fees: for orders of $35 or more, the delivery fee is $5.99. You can also sign up for the Express Membership, which costs $149 a year and covers unlimited, same day-delivery on orders of $35 or more. 

Where does Instacart shop in New Orleans? 

  • Sam’s Club
  • Costco
  • CVS
  • Restaurant Depot
  • The Fresh Market
  • Target
  • Rouses
  • Winn Dixie
  • Petco


Shipt coronavirus info

  • No-contact delivery is available

Shipt delivery fees: 

To use Shipt, you have to become a member. A Shipt membership costs $14.99/month or $99/year. 

  • Free delivery on orders over $35
  • $7 delivery on orders less than $35

Where does Shipt shop? 

Shipt offers shopping and delivery from the following stores in the Pittsburgh area:

  • CVS Pharmacy
  • Petco
  • Rouses
  • Winn Dixie

Whole Foods via Amazon Prime

Whole Foods response to COVID-19

We’ve had a hard time finding clear information about Whole Foods delivery options. The Amazon website says that delivery from Whole Foods is only available by invitation

Whole Foods delivery fees: 

Whole Foods will deliver for free to Amazon Prime members. An Amazon Prime membership is $12.99/month or $119/year.

Walmart Grocery 

Walmart response to the coronavirus

Walmart delivery fees:

  • The Walmart website says its “delivery fee varies, and is based on the time slot you book.” We were not able to secure a time slot, so we couldn’t confirm the delivery cost for an order. 
  • Walmart Delivery Unlimited: for $12.95/month or $98/year you will not be charged delivery fees on your orders. 

What to know about ordering from Walmart:

  • There is a minimum order amount of $30
  • You have to reserve a time slot for pickup or delivery. 
  • According to Consumer Reports, Walmart uses DoorDash for deliveries. 


Task Rabbit is not a dedicated grocery delivery service. TaskRabbit is a service where you can hire extra help to assist with projects like moving, building Ikea furniture, and repair projects. You can hire a tasker by the hour and have them go to the grocery store for you. 

TaskRabbit fees:

  • Taskers charge between $25-$60/hour. 
  • TaskRabbit then charges a 15% Trust & Support Fee to the total. 
  • TaskRabbit requires you to pay for a one hour minimum.

What to know about using TaskRabbit for grocery delivery:

Delivery services that are NOT available in New Orleans

  • FreshDirect
  • PeaPod
  • Amazon Fresh is Amazon’s grocery delivery service (which is different from Amazon’s Whole Food’s delivery and Prime Pantry). Amazon Fresh is not available in Pittsburgh.