Angelique Dyer
Angelique Dyer

Angie Dyer, a lady who brunches from New Orleans East, is award-winning digital producer, fiction writer, and public relations and brand strategist working in higher-education. She is a board member of the BeyHive since 1998, is constantly practicing her NPR voice, and can be found taking over for the '99 and the 2000.

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Get Brunchfaced: Cru - where it feels like home

“Welcome back!” One of the waiters at Cru said to me enthusiastically as I sat and waited for my table. It was a strange thing to say, considering I’ve never been there before, but I responded with an equally joyful, “thanks!” But then Beyonce came on. And that’s when...


Get Brunchfaced: Molly's Rise and Shine is totally tubular

When I was a little girl, I begged my mom for a Barbie Jeep. You know, the pink one. I really wanted one so I ccould cruise down the sidewalk of my New Orleans East neighborhood and feel the humid wind in my hair. But because I was a child, I didn’t really have the...

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Get Brunchfaced: Wait, Juan's Flying Burrito has brunch?!

I’ve got a story. Wanna hear it? Here it goes. Picture it: New Orleans, February, 2017 A late-20-something-year-old lady is having a laundry day and a craving for tacos, so she journeys to her favorite neighborhood Mexican spot, Juan’s Flying Burrito in Mid-City. As...

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Get BrunchFaced: Katie’s Restaurant and Bar

I’ve been brunching all my life, joining my family at brunches in New Orleans to celebrate birthdays or anniversaries or just because we got out of church before noon. It’s always been part of my life and I like to call myself by the lofty title of High Priestess of...