Beignet battle baking up a powdered-sugar storm

Like beignets, it’s messy

Offer a beignet to someone and the reply has always been, (* ahem *) “yay!” But a battle is baking over the last bastion of beignets for the Morning Call Coffee Stand in New Orleans City Park. Café du Monde sprinkled in a bid for the location and was awarded the spot.

To be clear, Morning Call wanted to drop the most dough.

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However, New Orleans City Park essentially said beig-nay, saying the 150-year-old Morning Call lost its bid when they didn’t attend a mandatory pre-bid meeting.

It’s technical and messier than sneezing while wearing a black shirt before being served an order.

What’s not lost in the haze of a powdered-sugar-filled scene is New Orleanians’ love for the triple pastry threat and where to get them.

Here are some examples to chew on…

Morning Call has been able to serve beignets in its City Park location 24 hours a day with little to no lines of tourists like there are in Cafe Du Monde’s iconic French Quarter location.

24 Hours! No lines! That’s 🔥

And EVERYBODY clucking loves them.

It is hard to beat the view at Café du Monde

When it comes to beignets, who doesn’t love to get a little messy?

Even when they’re being made

It’s like magic

And just like the gumbogate from years’ past, we’re unsure about the Disney version