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Big Freedia Caught Off Guard By Inclusion In Jennifer Lopez’s VMA Performance

Does nobody have Big Freedia’s number?

Another day, another example of people not giving Big Freedia a proper heads-up. While she finally made it into a video that included her unmistakable voice, she’s since gone on the record to say that she had to reach out to Drake for the inclusion (even as he filmed a song featuring the Queen Diva in her own hometown). Now, she’s shared with Billboard that she was caught unaware by the inclusion of her voice in J.Lo’s performance at the MTV Video Music Awards.

“JLo is the queen and was lit at the VMAs. I’m always honored to see my music and New Orleans Bounce make its way into mainstream culture,” she began, before sharing that she learned about her sample showing up as it happened.

“I had no idea about it and saw it as it was happening, like everyone else,” she said. “Would have been nice for MTV to have given me or my team a heads-up beforehand.”

Big Freedia doesn’t have much time to get…well, in her feelings about the faux pas. She’s about to hit the road with another much-loved local act that’s recently made waves in the larger world. Freedia is traveling around the country with Tank and The Bangas and Naughty Professor as part of the former’s Head Banga Tour.

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