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You can ride around NOLA for free all September

We want to ride their bi-cy-cles.

(Photo via Blue Bikes NOLA)

You really can’t miss them. If you’ve been anywhere around town in the last few months, you’ve seen the bright blue bikes and their slightly uneasy riders. Now you can be in that number!

It's here – Locals September a.k.a #BlueDat Month! Enjoy an hour of ride time every day of the month. On us. It's our…

Posted by Blue Bikes New Orleans on Saturday, September 1, 2018


Blue Bikes is giving away a free hour per day in the month of September. If you need to make a quick hop and don’t feel like waiting on the bus, shuffling your feet or paying for a cab, go ahead and grab one of the bikes. The way they’ve been putting up stations, it’s not like there isn’t one near you right now. And the color makes them easy to spot from a distance.

Check out Blue Bikes’ post about the promotion up top and learn more here.