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Brunchfaced: Wakin’ Bakin’ makes eating your veggies totally worth it

Two words: bacon confit.

I am a recovering non-morning person. I go to sleep at the same time every night and wake up at the same time every morning (thanks, sleep training!). But it’s hard to actually… get out of bed.

But if there’s coffee and brunch on the other side of my feet hitting the floor – I’ll get to moving.

And I’ll get to moving for brunch at Wakin’ Bakin’. This breakfast/lunch/definitely brunch spot has two locations, one on Prytania (where they sell DRANKS, y’all!) and one in Mid City, on Banks Street. You honestly can’t miss it, for Wakin’ Bakin’ is the brightest thing on Banks Street. With its walls painted a bright Tiffany blue and red and yellow umbrellas providing shade on the sidewalk, it’s sure to wake you up in the morning.

courtesy Wakin’ Bakin’ Facebook page

Wakin’ Bakin’ is one of those places you hit up when you’re looking for a full on breakfast – like the kind your mama or grandmama would cook on a Saturday morning while Stevie Wonder plays on the radio. Grits and eggs, biscuits and bacon, sausage and ALL THE THINGS.

The folks behind the counter and in the kitchen are as sweet as the Blue Dot donuts they sell, and in my personal experience, the ones that tell my adult self to order more veggies.

I ordered the queso burrito and I had a choice of lots of fixin’s in the cheese and egg burrito. As I stared at the menu like my answer would magically appear and the man behind the counter smiled and said, “take your time. But get some veggies, trust me.”

I smiled back and just started rattling off all the veggies I wanted in there – tomatoes, spinach, avocado – and I even got some meat in there; a bacon confit. The bacon confit was delicious and packed with tender bacon cooked down and gave the burrito a flavor out of this world!

My brunch buddy ordered the breakfast bowl, topped with scrambled eggs, cheddar cheese, the same bacon confit, hash browns, AND black beans. I took one bite (or maybe like three, it was for science) and squealed at each bite of the black beans that tasted as if they were simmered with love, care and all the seasonings.

And because I can be a bit ravenous in the morning, I also ordered a hot, buttered biscuit and a bowl of fresh fruit – and they were the perfect way to round out a quick brunch on a Saturday.

My plan for the next time I drink lots of rosé on Friday and feel it on a Saturday, I’m going to wake up and head over to Wakin’ Bakin’ and try the pancrepes I eyed on someone else’s plate. Paired with a cup of coffee, I’m sure it’ll be the thing that brings me back to life. And the way my Fridays are set up this summer, I’ll definitely be back for a Saturday brunch!

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Wakin' Bakin'
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