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Brunchfaced: Cake Café’s Bywater brunch is just as sweet and delicious as the name suggests

A cupcake for a dollar with every meal? Don’t mind if we do.

I always say the best things in life are actually sweet. Free, yes – always. But most of the best things we get to taste, see, enjoy, and experience are sweet. Babies? Sweet. Commander’s Palace bread pudding soufflé? ABSOLUTELY sweet. And for me, brunch at Cake Café?

Sweet AF.

Over the years, I’ve discovered that some people like to stop in to Cake Café for a coffee and a pastry, just on their way to whatever adventures await them on the weekends. And some people (me, I’m some people), we stop in and go absolutely HAM on the food. There’s a wide variety of choices from the amazing breakfast sandwich, to the Costa Rican breakfast for those looking for a little huevos, and fresh omelettes of all sorts. And it’s a brunch spot that won’t break your pocketbook!

When you first walk into Cake Café, located on the sweet corner of Chartres and Spain, it’s buzzing with sounds – families chatting, forks clanking, dishes being served, coffee being poured. And a fantastic woman in an apron with her dark hair comforted and protected by a bandana greeted me at the door with a side hug and a table request. Everyone behind the counter was as sweet as the cupcakes you can get for a dollar with every meal, and that made me want to stay a little bit longer.

What to Eat

Local Catfish and Eggs ($10)
I don’t have a country bone in my body, but something moved me to order what I see as a pretty country breakfast – fried catfish on a scoop of yellow grits, an egg, my way, and a big ole biscuit. It was honestly one of the most delicious brunch dishes I’ve had all September, because the fish was fresh and crispy and the grits were creamy and really went well with a fork-full of hot catfish. The biscuit was HUGE and delightfully fluffy, and with Cake Café’s homemade berry jam, it was magnificent. And now for some personal news: I – the high priestess of brunch who hates eggs – discovered that she does, indeed, like eggs again, but only likes them how her mama likes them, and her mama’s mama liked them – FRIED HARD.

Grilled Chicken Sandwich and Side Salad ($11)
We all know brunch dances the fine line between breakfast and lunch, and sometimes, a pancake just won’t do. Sometimes, we have to hop on over to the lunch side and get one of Cake Café’s delicious sandwiches. The grilled chicken sandwich was jam-packed with goodness – avocado, spinach, tomato, cheese, and a perfectly grilled chicken breast – and for $2, you can also get a side salad to go along with chips.

Iced Coffee ($3.25)
It was a hot fall September morning, so I was grateful to trade my regular hot coffee with a cup of nicely brewed iced coffee with free refills. The more I enjoy dry brunches, the more I kinda like it? I won’t make it a habit because some mornings, I wake up craving a mimosa, but it’s a nice change from the boozy weekends.

Part bakery and part breakfast, brunch, and lunch spot, Cake Café is perfect to heal a hangover, cure hunger pains, and satisfy your sweet tooth. It’s great for families and will be even better when fall decides to really show up, because there’s nothing sweeter than a great breakfast on the colorful sidewalks of New Orleans with a lovely autumn breeze blowing.

New Orleans Cake Café & Bakery
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