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Community steps in to help those affected by Sucré’s abrupt closing

Bakeries offered to fill cake orders, job postings have been listed

After the not-so-sweet news of Sucré’s confectionary’s closure Monday morning, local business owners started rallying around those who lost their jobs or dessert orders.

According to, Sucre’ employed about 80 people, who didn’t know they would be laid off until a 9 a.m. meeting Monday morning.

Now, multiple businesses, like Gambino’s Bakery and Shipley’s Doughnuts, have posted on their social media with job openings for those who may be out of work. Photographers have offered free headshots for Sucré former employees that they can use for their resumes. Bywater Bakery has even said it would fulfill wedding cake orders for couples who may have ordered with Sucré, to make the process less stressful.

Here’s what we’ve seen so far:

Marc Pagani – Photographer:

Shipley Do-Nuts:

Joe Gambino’s Bakery:

Bywater Bakery:

Shake Sugary:

NOLA Barista Social Club:

We’ll keep this post updated with more businesses as we see them!