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Dry White Linen Night means floods of white-clad party-goers

This year’s White Linen Night easily trumped last year’s white-clad event simply because everyone stayed dry. (White Linen Night 2017 was also the evening of the disasterous Aug. 5 floods, which NOLA residents waded, kayaked and swam through to get to their homes.)

Not only was it rain-free, but it felt like the New Orleans humidity took the night off as well. You could glide through the evening, in and out of different galleries and restaurants, in your white dresses and white loose pants and tops without chopping through the sticky, thick heat of typical New Orleans August evenings.

But even if the bar to surpass last year’s WLN was set relatively low and largely depended on the weather, it still proved to be one of the best White Linen Night events of all time. Here’s why: This year’s massive Arts District block party was chock full of smaller, energetic parties which gave attendees something new with each one having its own vibe, its own kind of art and its own special feature. The staff of Very Local New Orleans enjoyed as many of them as we could, and even partnered with 504ward and the CAC for their parties.

We loved connecting with so many of you locals out in your beautiful white, and we look forward to seeing you all out again and again as we keep it Very Local.

Scroll our photos from the event and the Contemporary Arts Center’s White Linen Night Afterparty, and you may just see a familiar face!