Friday, May 15, 7-11:30 PM

2020 Essence Music Festival Hotel Packages Available!

Getting there
900 Convention Center Boulevard, New Orleans, LA

RESERVE YOUR SPOT FOR THE 2020 ESSENCE MUSIC FESTIVAL! IT'S GOING TO BE THE BEGINNING OF A NEW DECADE AND IT'S GOING TO BE EPIC! EVERYTHING WILL SELL OUT FASTER THAN THE 2019 ESSENCE FESTIVAL, GUARANTEE YOUR SPOT TODAY! ********************************************************************************************************* CLICK HERE AND JOIN OUR EMAIL LIST FOR INFORMATION ON SINGLE TICKETS, PARTY PASSES AND HOTEL ONLY PACKAGE DEALS. ********************************************************************************************************** The Essence Music Festival is the biggest African American festival in the country and has been held in New Orleans, LA since the beginning. With the success of the hit movie "Girl's Trip" in 2017, The Essence Festival 2020 is anticipated to be the biggest and best ever, It will be the beginning of a new decade and it's going to be huge. 2020's Festival Will Be Sold Out Before 2019 Ends. Reserve Your Spot Today! ***************************************************** Paying The $100 Deposit Locks In The Below Rates. Package Deal: Includes 4 Night Hotel Stay, 3 Day Concert Tickets, Meet & Greet Mixer Pass, Day Party Pass, 3 Day Jazzy Street Car Pass Single Occupancy Package: $2,585 Per Person Double Occupancy Package: $1,785 Per Person Triple Occupancy Package: $1,385 Per Person Quad Occupancy Package: $1085 Per Person Hotel Only: Includes Meet & Greet Mixer Pass, Day Party Pass, 3 Day Jazzy Street Car & Bus Pass Single Occupancy Package: $2,085 Per Person Double Occupancy Package: $1285 Per Person Triple Occupancy Package: $985 Per Person Quad Occupancy Package: $785 Per Person *****ONLY $100 RESERVES YOUR SPOT TODAY!!!***** ************************************************************************************ FAQs 1. When Are The Actual Dates For the 2020 Essence Music Festival? Answer: July 3, 2020 - July 6, 2020 2. Where are the concert seats located? Answer: Most of our seats are located on the Plaza level of the Superdome, which is one level up from the floor. ***If You Book Your Package After December 1st, 2019, We'll Only Have Terrace Level Seating Available.*** 3. How often would I have to make payments to complete my obligation? Answer: Once the initial deposit is made per person, you will need to make a monthly payment of $100 or more per person right up until the full payment of your package is due (in May) to keep the reservation active. Non-payment can result in the cancellation of your reservation. Note: If one or more group members cannot continue to make monthly payments or cancels from the reservation, the remaining group members will be responsible for paying the difference of the new occupancy rate. We highly recommend that you have constant communication with your group members about their payments. 4. When Is My Full Payment Due? Answer: May 1st, 2020 5. What are my payment options? Answer: We accept payment through our secure Stripe Portal (we'll send you a link) as this will allow you to keep track of the payments that you have made. STRIPE will allow you to make payment with VISA, MASTERCARD, CHECK, etc... 6. How far are the hotels away from the Superdome? Answer: Our hotel accommodations will be within walking distance or short trolley ride to the Superdome, also within walking distance or short trolley ride to the Convention Center where everything Essence Festival is taking place. 7. What is the Refund Policy? Answer: Due to strict contract obligations with our Hotels and Vendors, we have a strict NO REFUND policy. All deposits and payments are non-refundable for anything short of a natural disaster or terrorist attack. Disclaimer: Blessed To Travel offers travel services to customers/clients, which are provided by separate and independent vendors of travel services. Blessed To Travel acts only as an agent for the customer/client in the selling & acquiring of hotel accommodations and other privileges, or services for the clients' benefit, and on the express condition that Blessed To Travel shall not be responsible for any loss, accident, injury, delay, defect, omission, or irregularity which may occur or be occassioned, whether by reason of any act, negligence or default of any company or person engaged in or responsible for carrying out any of the arrangements, or otherwise in connection therewith. By engaging with Blessed To Travel in making deposits and full payment and/or upon receipt of tickets, booking, and/or passes after issuance shall constitute an agreement that Blessed To Travel is held blameless and further agrees that restitution of damages, if any are claimed, are sought directly from the suppliers. 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