Friday, May 15, 2020 6:05 PM

2020 Tchoupitoulas Social Aid & Athletic Club Bar-A-Thon (the 39th)

Le Bon Temps Roule

The 39thTchoupitoulas Social Aid & Athletic Club* Bar-a-thonFriday, May 15, 2020 new for 2019? More of the same, but already working on a band just for us. And...private-labeled beer for the race. when? Race is always 2 Fridays after Jazz Fest. For the 39th iteration, that's Friday, May 15, 2020. 6:05PM at Le Bon Temps; rain or shine. Registration gets you free admission to Soul Rebels concert at Le Bon Temps Roule on Thursday, tshirt, race entry, poster, beers and (if you make it to the finish line) the much ballyhooed "huggy memento" of yesteryear (it's a koozie, folks) - as well as a shot at great awards, post-race oysters, and the opportunity to become part of history. And music too. what's a bar-a-thon? It's part of Uptown history. A footrace designed by the old Tchoupitoulas Social Aid & Athletic Club. Spanning 6 miles, visiting 6 bars, providing 6 beers. As serious as you want it to be. 1. LE BON TEMPS ROULE (4801 Magazine)2. REGINELLI'S (741 State) (once upon a time the Hofbrau House)3. TJ QUILL'S (7600 Maple) 4. PATOIS RESTAURANT (6078 Laurel) (formerly Norby's/Nardo's)5. DOS JEFES UPTOWN CIGAR BAR (5535 Tchoupitoulas)6. GRIT'S BAR (530 Lyons) Rules are few; visit the bars in this order. Each of them. Even Quill's, where your bib (might) be uniquely marked so our koozie enforcers at the finish line can give you your official FINISHER'S KOOZIE. We will be at the finish line with koozies for 2 hours 15 minutes, or until about 8:20PM. One pull tag, one koozie. Awards are for everyone, not just the fast people. Awards went better with a Watermelon Sacrifice break in between. PURPLE MONKEY DESIGNS tshirts. Each year the shirts are created from snippets found in 1980s Bar-A-Thon flyers; for 2019 we mixed a litle of the old (Get Your Needs Met) with some new (#YYR). In 2019, we were once again lucky to have Molly (MAGWIRE ART) McGuire for poster art - and she presided over the start of the race. Google her, she's a certified badass bass guitar player rocker, in her previous life. f.p.a. (frequently provided answers) No, you won't be disqualified if you don't drink beer, and you're free to participate, but we simply don't have the resources to make you anything "heavily bruised" or "neat" or "up". Race has worked well with beer for almost 4 decades. No need to be cute. *Yes, we know what a "Social Aid" club was, historically. This is meant to be fun; no disrespect intended. No, there won't be any day-of-race registration. However, after online registration closes, creative folks can submit their respective cases to in writing for consideration. On the one hand, it's great that people are registering online, in advance, and saving a few bucks. But it's been so long since the guy wrote the "hot, beer drinking ginger girl" email...and now she's getting married as of the time of this email, happily married anyway. So maybe someone else could show a little initiative - because 2018 saw two great girl just swung for the fences with the weather report and forecasted her wet tshirt contest. Another guy recounted his brush with death after 2017's race. Yes, you can pick someone else's number up for them, unless you look sketchy or under 21. Or if you're wearing Tevas. Then you need to GTFO. huh? Stop calling Le Bon Temps Roule for answers. They fixed the street outside. They soundproofed the building, they ordered more beer. What more do you ask of them? Their job is to sell a lot of alcohol and put on good, no-cover shows. They've been doing it for longer than the Bar-a-thon has been running. If you want a good bloody at 10AM on race day (or weekends) report to 4801 Magazine. For race information, email or call 504-812-6388. are you un-bright? why is it the 39th when you say the race started in 1983? Two were run in 1983. Every year since, once a year.