Friday, Aug 23, 10 AM-11:30 PM

27th Cutting Edge: CE conferences and events

InterContinental New Orleans
Getting there
444 St. Charles Avenue, New Orleans, LA

Cutting Edge C.E. (formerly the Cutting Edge Music Business Conference) began in 1993 as a conference dedicated to educating musicians and music professionals about the latest trends in the music industry. Since its inception, it has evolved into entertainment workshops covering legal issues, filmmaking, interactive applications, and media business education. Cutting Edge C.E. brings together established and aspiring entertainment professionals; it is as much about bringing people into the entertainment business together as it is about the business of entertainment.
New Orleans is the home of the Cutting Edge C.E. In New Orleans; music is more than business; it's also cultural expression. Every artist that performs during the Cutting Edge C.E. becomes a part of New Orleans cultural history.
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