Thursday, May 23, 2019 9 AM

28th World Congress on Neurology & Neuroscience


Dear Colleagues, " 28th World Congress on Neurology & Neuroscience " is organized by Conference Series and would be held during May 23-24, 2019 in Zurich, Switzerland. NEUROSCIENCE CONGRESS 2019 conference is a leading forum for Neurologists, Neurophysiologists, Neurosurgeons, Healthcare professionals, Psychiatrists and Clinical organizations. The main theme of the conference is " Novel Therapies in Neurosciences and Neurological Disorders " which covers a wide range of critically important sessions from basic research to innovations in neurology. Meta Key words : Neurology Conferences, Neuroscience Conferences, Neuroscience Meetings, Neurophysiology Conferences, Brain Disorder Conferences, Zurich, Switzerland, Europe, USA, Middle East, Asia Pacific, 2019 Meta Description : Conference Series Connect with the Speakers and Experts from USA, Europe, Middle East and Asia Pacific at Neuroscience Congress May 23-24, 2019 , Zurich, Switzerland. Targeted Audience : Targeted audiences for this conference are Universities, Directors, Board Members, Presidents, Vice Presidents, Deans and Head of the Departments, Scientists, Faculties, Students, Neurology Associations and Societies, Medical Colleges, Neurologists, Neuroscience Institutions, Healthcare professionals, Doctors, Educational institutions, Nurses, Pharmaceutical companies and industries, Clinical organizations, Psychiatrists, Neuropsychologists, Business delegates, Young researchers and Students, Industrialist, other expert caretakers of patients and all researchers in the field of Neurology. Benefits Include : Keynote sessions by world's most eminent researchers and Networking with Experts in the branch of Neurology E-Poster for $99 Outstanding Young Researcher Award and Best Poster Award Top Industries Representation Tourist information to visit attractive places in Zurich Conference Highlights Neuroscience, Neurophysiology, Cognitive Neuroscience, Neuropathology, Neurocardiology, Neurogenetics, Vascular Dementia, Autonomic Neurology, Computational Neurology, Neuropediatrics and Neurorehabilitation, Neurosurgery and Neural Circuits, Neuroscience Behind the Placebo Effect, Neurotoxicology, Stem cell, approach for Neurological Disorders, The Science of Neurotheology, Neuromarketing. Aim: The main aim of our conference is to meet the eminent personalities, speakers and scientist from different parts of the world. Who all works and prospect their knowledge under the theme "Novel Therapies in Neurosciences and Neurological Disorders" through by delivering different speeches or by conducting workshops. Why to attend? Neuroscience Congress 2019 on Neurology & Neuroscience is a unique venture which will bring together experts like Neuroscientists, Clinicians, Neurogenetics, Neurologists, Psychiatrists, Medical practitioners, Care specialists, academic professionals and students from all over the world to share and exchange estimations to the massive audience and an endeavor and to spread technical, research advances in the clinical, diagnostic and physiological aspects of Neurology. This conference meeting will create a best stage for participants to find out about the current innovations in the field of neurology and neuroscience. For more details please find the below link: For any Quires please revert to us, Contact us Amy Jones Program Manager Neuroscience Congress 2019, Conference Series ltd., UK: 47 Church field Road, London, W3 6AY Toll Free: +1-800-014-8923 Email: