Saturday, Jul 20, 10 AM-5 PM

6 Figure Microblading & Shading Tour: New Orleans

Aloft New Orleans Downtown
Getting there
225 Baronne Street, New Orleans, LA

L4BBROWS 3D Eyebrow Enhancement PRESENTS 6 Figure MICROBLADING & SHADING TOUR! In this course you will learn the art of Microblading & Shading.This class covers everything you need to know to become a professional Microblading Technician. Join us for 2 days of Beauty Training. See what is covered below. This class includes but is not limited to: Anatomy of the skin Types of skin Safety & Sanitation Types of needles and their uses (Slant, curved, straight) Types of needles to achieve fine line hair stroke and thick line hairstroke patterns How to create direction and transition with hairstrokes Eyebrow shapes vs Face Shapes 3 variations and patterns of hair strokes Shading Manually & with Machine to create a seamless background State laws regarding Microblading Consultation forms and how to use them Step by Step practice skin simulation from start to finish What you will receive Microblading/Shading Training kit Training Manuals for Microblading Certificate of completion for Microblading on the 2nd day of training. Model Demo and Training on Mannequin. Models are optional but are not required. $500 Deposit required to register. Full Class Price: $1,500 For more information about this class please call/text 917 397 3535 or send me an email PLEASE READ: Your local Department of Health may require a tattoo license to practice Microblading services professionally in your area. Please contact your local board of cosmetology or department of health for more information on requirements. Instagram: @L4b_brows