Wednesday, Feb 3, 12 AM

ALT 92.3 Pajama Jams Concert Series – LVVRS

House of Blues
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225 Decatur St, New Orleans, LA
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What does it mean to be iconic? It's something greater than excellence, and more fundamental and resonant than perfection. An icon doesn't just stand for something – it encapsulates its essence and transmits that essence to its audience. The members of LVVRS (pronounced “lovers”) wouldn't call themselves iconic, but their casual confidence makes it clear that they possess what it takes to be so. They understand the power that iconic status confers, and they're ready to chase the glory. "Iconic," their aptly-titled new single, sounds big and sleek, catchy, punchy, and immediate; it's a sonic expression of extreme self-confidence. Despite humble beginnings in Acadiana, the humid, verdant, tree-shrouded Southern region of Louisiana, LVVRS developed a sound that would play anywhere. The group performs with the power and conviction of modern rockers, but they've also got the precision, meticulousness, and attention towards sonic detail suggestive of major pop artists.