Tuesday, Oct 23, 6-9 PM

Ancestor Shadow Lecture + Poppet Workshop

New Orleans Healing Center
Getting there
2372 Saint Claude Avenue, New Orleans, LA

Pre-Register at Paynecreations@gmail.com$50-100 sliding scale (paypal/Venmo)$25.00 material fee( i will provide doll forms and spirit herbs n such)Bring scissors and other items mentionedReserve a spot please Contact: paynecreations@gmail.comWe will begin with an hour discussion about the ancestors and creating a deeper connection with and how to release Family Karma!!Ancestral Dolls are a great spirit vessel and can be used as healing tools, talisman or as an altar. In this workshop we will each connect with our specific ancestors.
In this series I am also welcomg folks that don't feel connected with their family, but have a mentor that empowered them that has passed.I will also show you examples of altars to honor your lineageThese dolls are not for children and must be attended to as you would an altar. Honor it with food, incense, liquor, tobacco, conversation etc.Traditional ancestral dolls have no face but will have yarn for hair, if you have a piece of clothing or small item to include from the deceased p,it can be used along with organic accessories so they have physical items to direct their intentions.One of the most important pieces of this poppet will be the paper petitions placed inside of it. Which will include:- Names of family members that you know of that are deceased- Their relation to you- Things they liked such food or drink,music etcSome people find these poppets/dolls easier to work with than an altar and are less upkeep. Though be mindful that it is treated with respect and should be taken with you on travels and introduced to any new family or household members
This poppet/doll is a commitment and will be a lifelong object that can be become a family heirloom and keep the spirit n stories of your family that has passed alive for generations..............................................................................* Clothes/Hair/notes/jewlery belonging to a deceased family member (or white cloth),
* Rosemary (for remembrance),
* Althea leaves or root (aka marshmallow, for benevolent spirits)* Wormwood (calling spirits),* Dandelion root (communication with the dead)your hair/nail clippings/dead skin/teeth/etc.
(anchoring and connection)* Balm of Gilead (for spirit manifestation)* Graveyard dirt (from a crossroad in a cemetery)Kook Teflon has been a working artists for nearly two decades and is a High Priestess, Root Worker, Death Douala,Spiritual Healer,certified paranormal investigator,Ordained Minister, Curator of queer artistic gatherings,a Mother of two and a helps re-ignite your inner badass.As a teacher she also prides herself in constantly learning new techniques for her work from elders & youth,Queer/Trans/POC teachers & ways to enhance herself as a practitioner,human and artist. Kooks daily intentions are helping others be thee most empowered beings they can be.https://www.kookteflon.com/#home-section