Thursday, Oct 18, 11:30 AM-1 PM

Artificial Intelligence as a Marketing Disruptor

Greater New Orleans, Inc.

Businesses worldwide will be transformed over the next few years by enormous advances in machine learning and artificial intelligence (AI). This program will arm you with enough understanding of AI to understand how the buyer journey is already impacted by these changes. In addition, you will: Hear how AI is transforming everything around us Understand the jargon and concepts behind AI and machine learning See where AI is already being applied to the buyer journey Become familiar with some of the legal and ethical considerations of AI Learn how your team can stay on top of this change and prepare for it About Elonide Semmes Elonide Semmes founded Right Hat specifically to help companies and schools better articulate their intangible value. Where many branding agencies are hyperfocused on the design of marketing materials, she marries exceptional design with deep thinking about how buyers think. Most recently she led an 18-month initiative for the International Legal Marketing Association (LMA) on artificial intelligence. She is also a member of the LMA Hall of Fame. In her spare time, Elonide is a food critic, amateur chef, and lover of adventure travel.