Wednesday, Feb 13, 9:15 AM-9:45 PM

Audubon Charter Gentilly – Open House, Feb. 13th Session 2

Audubon Charter School - Gentilly School Campus
Getting there
4720 Painters Street, New Orleans, LA

Audubon Charter School's open house will allow parents to tour the school, meet some of the staff and have an opportunity to learn about the unique curriculum and programming offered at the school.
Parents attending Open House will NOT be required to attend a separate curriculum meeting. Reservations are required so that we can accommodate as many families as possible for each tour group.
Families arriving without a reservation might not be able to tour the school due to limited capacity.
FAQs How long is the Open House? Parents can expect to be at the school for approximately 45 minutes.
We will have a presentation of the curriculum and program offerings in the cafeteria, followed by a tour of the building.

If I attend the Open House, am I still required to attend a curriculum meeting? No, you have the option to attend either the open house or the curriculum meeting
Can my child attend? The open house is not a school visit for children.
The purpose of the open house is for parents to have an opportunity to visit the school, observe in classrooms and learn about the curriculum and programs that Audubon has to offer.

What are my parking options for this event? Parking is available in the neighborhood, but please respect the neighbors and do not block any driveways in the neighborhood.
Parking enforcement is in the area on a regular basis, so be sure to park in a legal parking space.