Thursday, Jan 24, 7-8:30 PM

Author Event! “Crazy Horse: The Lakota Warrior’s Life and Legacy”

East Bank Regional Library

Floyd Clown Sr., a descendant of Crazy Horse, and author/filmmaker William Matson, will discuss Crazy Horse: The Lakota Warrior�s Life and Legacy, at 7 p.m., Thursday, Jan. 24, at the East Bank Regional Library, 4747 W. Napoleon, Metairie. This event is free of charge and is open to the public. The Clown family, nearest living relatives to the Lakota war leader, presents the family tales and memories told to them about their famous grandfather. In many ways the oral history differs from what has become the standard and widely accepted biography of Crazy Horse. The family clarifies the inaccuracies and shares their story about the past, including what it means to them to be Lakota, the family genealogy, the life of Crazy Horse and his motivations, his death, and why they chose to keep quiet with their knowledge for so long before finally deciding to tell the truth as they know it. Floyd Clown, Doug War Eagle, and Don Red Thunder are the sole administrators and spokesmen of the Crazy Horse estate and often speak at historical gatherings and national parks about their family�s history. William Matson has produced and directed an award-winning video, �Sitting Bull�s Voice,� as well as the two-part video series, �The Authorized Biography of Sitting Bull by His Great-Grandson,� and the four-part video series, �The Authorized Biography of Crazy Horse and His Family.� He regularly speaks about these videos and their content at film festivals and has been working with the Crazy Horse family since 2001 to tell their story. Clown currently lives in Dupree, South Dakota, on the Cheyenne River Reservation. Matson lives in Spearfish, South Dakota. This is Matson�s first book. For more information regarding this presentation, contact Chris Smith, Manager of Adult Programming for the library, at 504-889-8143 or