Monday, Oct 22, 3-6 PM

AVAIL The Sisterhood Meetup

4000 Old Gentilly Rd

Shifting the rules of engagement - The new rules of engagement demand that we leverage our influence across multiple fields, including shareholders and employees, to build a community around a shared concept. More so than ever, we need to formulate unusual relationships and significant connections within and beyond our organizations to turn ideas into progress. Why are women choosing to adopt the new rules of engagement? Who are the powerful women progressing unconventional partnerships and accelerating change? How are these successful leaders scaling opportunities to ignite perpetual change? AVAIL (Authentic Visionary Avid Impactful Leader) The Sisterhood. We make impactful things happen. Hello, are you a lost sister looking for an organization that makes impactful things happen? The Start-Up Sisterhood AVAIL (Authentic Visionary Avid Impactful Leader) is seeking leaders to join our organization. If That is you join us at Pontilly Coffee 4000 Old Gentilly Blvd New Orleans LA. 3 pm to 6 pm Bring your ideas, express your opinion, enjoy the best sisterhood on this side of heaven. AVAIL, We believe self first, the sisterhood second, then the community. Join us!