Friday, Jan 17, 2020 10 PM-Saturday, Jan 18, 2020 1 AM

Back to School w/ Dar MaCar + NuSpeak

Gasa Gasa
General Admission
Getting there
4920 Freret St, New Orleans, LA
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New Orleans jam and rock & roll! Dar MaCar Soundcloud Facebook NuSpeak NuSpeak is an up and coming jazz group based in New Orleans, Louisiana, and features the talents of Nabil Muquit (tenor saxophone), Eli Fribush (alto saxophone), Brian Maassen (trumpet), Michael Taddeo (guitar), Nolan Tecklenburg (piano), Michael Salgado (bass), and Karl Tietze (drums). All clearly gifted in their respective instruments, these young musicians give the classic sound of jazz a modern flare. Their complex compositions and expert use of improvisation pays homage to the old jazz legends, while their hip hop influenced drum grooves and funky basslines can’t help but make listeners want to dance. NuSpeak creates an engaging energy that is best felt at their live shows, but has been captured perfectly in their soon to be released NuSpeak EP. Facebook