Saturday, Jun 8, 2-5 PM

Beginner Battletech

Go 4 Games
Getting there
701 David Drive, Metairie, LA

With the release of two box sets, maps, and fiction it's time to introduce new players and welcome back players with minis collecting dust to the Inner Sphere. Starting May 11th and continuing monthly, we'll host pickup games on the second Saturday of the month from 6pm - 9pm (For the MAY EVENT ONLY) using the current Battletech Beginner Box / Quick Start rules. (Rules also available at Catalyst: Rules, lookup cards, plastic & cardboard mechs, record sheets, maps, pencils, and dice will be on hand. For players bringing their own mechs: The game will be limited to the following chassis and variants:Locust (LCT-1V, LCT-1E)Griffin (GRF-1N, GRF-1S)Wolverine (WVR-6R, WVR-6M)Enforcer (ENF-4R)Hunchback (HBK-4G)Cicada (CDA-3MA)Hermes II (HER-5SA)