Friday, Jan 11, 8-10 PM

Black Mirror Scrying with Rosemary Ellen Guiley

Hex New Orleans
Getting there
1219 Decatur Street, New Orleans, LA

Black mirrors are powerful psychic tools with a history going back thousands of years, when people first learned that gazing into a shiny surface opened the door to the spirit realms. Black mirrors have been used to look into the past and future, contact the dead, communicate with angels and spirits, and develop psychic ability. They are used in seances, readings, paranormal investigations and occult work.
Rosemary Ellen Guiley has been working with black mirrors for several decades. She is the author of The Art of Black Mirror Scrying. IN THIS WORKSHOP, YOU WILL LEARN:• How to charge and clear the mirror• Effective techniques for mirror gazing• How the mirror opens the third eye• How to evaluate and improve results Rosemary will guide you into two private mirror journeys, one to look into your future for 2019 and one to contact the dead.
This workshop is limited to 15 persons. Mirrors will be provided for participants; or bring your own. ABOUT ROSEMARY ELLEN GUILEYRosemary Ellen Guiley is a best-selling author and researcher with more than 65 books published, among them encyclopedias on witchcraft, angels, demons and magic and alchemy; spirit communication and afterlife studies; dreams, the Tarot; paranormal investigation, and more. She is owner and president of Visionary Living, Inc., a publishing and media company, and is executive editor of FATE magazine. She is a Tarot reader. In addition, Rosemary has been a presenter at Hexfest in NOLA and the Festival of the Dead in Salem, MA.