Saturday, Jun 16, 7-11 PM

Blowout Conscousness: Veneration for the Past. Vision for the Future

Getting there
2040 St Charles Ave, New Orleans, LA

What is a Brass Brand Blowout?It is a essentially a music competition and a cultural display that embodies the soul of New Orleans.On Saturday, June 16th, 2018, from 7:00 pm to 10:30 pm , Milne Inspiration Center is bringing back Blowout Consciousness: Veneration for the Past. Vision for the Future, for our annual fundraiser. Hosted at Effiel Society (2040 St.Charles Ave., New Orleans, LA 70130), we will feature Tonya Boyd Cannon, The New Orleans Citywide Youth Choir, The 21st Century Brass Band, and Da Truth Brass Band.So what kind of Consciousness are we talking about?The cooperative kind.The Milne Inspiration Center has consistently had reverence for culture, music and tradition. This year for our annual fundraiser we hope to bring you an exciting event to support free youth development program for at-risk youth in New Orleans, LA, Jonesboro, AR, and Johannesburg, South Africa. More so, we hope to discuss building cooperatives as a youth development and financial mobility method. For years, urban and low income communities have looked to similar means for economic success. This year, the Milne Inspiration Center wants to bring consciousness around cooperatives. We hope to discuss our youth run and youth lead cooperative to show how youth can fight poverty, violence, and build bridges for success for themselves and those around them.Blowout Consciousness collides education, culture, and community development into inspirational events. Since 2014, MIC has supported youth by aiding them to cultivate their own voices and ideas to develop them into competent leaders. At our fundraiser, MIC will launch "AMPED to the T", a youth led, youth run t-shirt Company. At Blowout Consciousness, our youth's hard work will be on full display and we look forward bringing
our youth run cooperative to the forefront. From the conceptualization to the execution, participants will be able to purchase their products and learn more about how our youth successfully established a cooperative business. We hope to see you there, and we hope to gain your ongoing support for the cultivation of our future leaders. For more informationabout the event, becoming an event sponsor, or organizational partner please contact Dinah Campbell at or visit for more information. Like is on facebook @theMilneInspirationCenter Instagram@themicamped