Friday, Jul 20, 4-8 PM

Bonez Bruhz Domino Tournament.

New Orleans Marriott
Getting there
555 Canal Street, New Orleans, LA

Domino Tournament Rules
1. Big six to the board, ten to get on board, and no nickels.2. Nine bones to start each round.3. If you don’t score by the time your opponent reaches 100 the game is over.4. Games will be ran to 150 (3 houses)5. If you don’t “dominoe” you wash dishes until you do.6. No more than 1 min each play (2 min max if needed but not frequently).7. If a player pulls 5 doubles they have the option to play or throw it in.8. 1st place $100 and trophy , 2nd place $50, and 3rd place registation fee returned.9. Control the volume while playing to minimize conflict with the hotel.10. Those that don’t adhere to the rules set will be interrogated and possibly kicked out.11. Any questions or concerns flag down 1 of the 3 hosts for the event.12. After you win or lose, please don’t leave the area.13. If you miss your play call you forfeit that game.14) double elimination
/ bracket style.15 ) All players must have a wrist band to play
16) Lastly no hard feeling on losing.17) No Refunds