Saturday, Dec 15, 11 AM-1 PM

Breaking Financial Chains & Planting Seeds of Wealth

935 Teche St

Almost everyone NEED more Cash-flow and Better Financial Strategies to achieve their financial goals. Many
people are struggling
when it comes to their finances.
They are drowning in credit card and student loan debt.
Inflation is rising but your money is NOT.
You have no more time but you need more money,
so what
are you gonna do?
are tired, stressed and ready for a change.
Are you working to Pay Bills and Living Paycheck to Paycheck? Tired of being turned down due to challenged credit? Tired Of Being Tired? Finally learn the secrets to getting out of debt for good?

This is
your average Financial Empowerment Workshop.

This is Real Talk with Real Solutions.
Many people need help financially
in order to keep their households alive and moving forward.

Learn To: Minimize Taxes
* Increase Your Pay
* Eliminate Debt
* Correct Your Credit
* Create Passive Income We are educating people on how to do
just that!