Sunday, Nov 10, 8 AM-4 PM

Bronze Sword Casting Class: Metairie, LA

Getting there
3963 Peoples St, Metairie, LA

Have you watched people make swords in the movies and wished you could give it a go? Are you a maker or an ancient history buff? If so, this class is for you! For over 2,000 years, swords were cast from molten bronze rather than forged from iron or steel. And, unlike highly technical blacksmithing, the process of making a bronze sword can be acomplished by people with little or no prior metalworking experience. Over the course of an 8 hour class, you'll first choose a Bronze Age sword design from our arsenal of master swords from Greece, Egypt, Assyria, or Great Brittian. Next, you'll make a careful sand cast of the sword to be poured in molten bronze. After the pour, you'll spend several hours sanding the swords to a smooth finish using a combination of grinders, sanders, and hand sanding. Finally, you'll choose a hardwood handle and learn to install brass rivets using a hammer and anvil. Our bronze classes are a journey through time and produce high end swords that will hold a position of pride among your treasures. $235 includes all materials & fees. Class size limited to 10, so grab a friend and strike while the iron is hot. Note: this class takes place at someone's home. Reviews by past participants: I went with my two boys to Greg’s aluminum swordcasting class and all three of us had a fantastic time. I enjoyed it so much that when his bronze-casting class came along my wife bought me a ticket as a present. Best birthday/Father’s Day gift ever! You can find dozens of YouTube videos of people building their own foundries and doing metal-casting, but nothing beats the experience of doing it alongside someone who teaches it. Whether you’re looking for a new hobby or just want a (very) cool souvenir that you made yourself, I can’t recommend Greg’s class highly enough! – Stan Gunn, Bronze Class My kids took the all-ages aluminum class and thoroughly enjoyed it. I did the nighttime adult bronze casting class. There's nothing like the experience of producing your own little work of art in a medium you might never have otherwise considered. Greg is a very positive and patient teacher, there to inform and help troubleshoot while still giving plenty of leeway for students to experience the process. -- David Pappas