Saturday, Jun 30, 1-4 PM

Brush Lettering Workshop

Lionheart Prints
Getting there
3312 Magazine Street, New Orleans, LA

So! You see lots of pretty handwritten things lately and you're like "hey! I want to do that, but where do I start?!" The answer is right here, my dear! In our Beginner Brush Lettering Workshop, I'll teach you about my favoite tools and techiques, how to create brushstrokes, and you will learn how to letter the full alphabet, both in uppercase and lowercase.
PS - you don't need to have naturally pretty handwriting to learn brush lettering, once you know how to use the tools and apply the techniques taught in the workshop, you'll be on your way to making hand-lettered pieces you love! Each workshop includes:- 3 hours of instruction- 1 dual-tip brush pen- 1 fine-tip brush pen- 1 Instructional alphabet- Extensive Workbook with over 20 pages of helpful exercises Cost: $150 (includes all supplies) Please be sure you can attend as workshops are non-refundable once purchased.