Saturday, Dec 14, 10 AM-12 PM

Bystander Response Training

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Before help arrives, you can save a life during a medical emergency. This is a condensed two-hour training covering hands-only CPR, Stop the Bleed, and opioid overdose prevention. Hands-Only CPR Hands Only CPR is a course developed by the American Heart Association (AHA) that is designed to teach bystandersthe immediate life-saving actions they can take when a person suffers from Sudden Cardiac Arrest. When a person's heart stops beating and they stop responding, their best chance of survival is relianton trained bystanders who take action immediately. The Hands Only CPR course covers compression only CPR (no mouth-to-mouth), how to use an AED, and actions to take if someone is choking. Stop the Bleed Stop the Bleed is a training program developed by the American College of Surgeons that is designed to teach bystanders (or "immediate responders") how to recognize life-threatening bleeding and take action before emergency personnel arrive to assist. The course covers actions such as applying direct pressure,packing a wound, and utilizing a tourniquet when someone suffers a severe bleeding injury. Opioid Overdose Prevention An opioid overdose requires immediate emergency attention. This training will teach you how to recognize the signs of opioid overdose andto administer Naloxone, a medication that can reverse an overdose.