Wednesday, May 15, 2019 7:15 PM

Café con Leche Spanish Book Club


¡Hola Amigos/Amigas! Come join d fun! Café con Leche will spur & energize your Español at a different dimension. Jump in at any time, even if you just read part of the book. Our purpose is for you to practice your Español and enrich it. Nuestro Club de Libro Café con Leche! Ahora los miércoles! As requested we are now meeting on Wed, twice a month, to give you enough time to read -El libro: Leemos "Como Agua Para Chocolate" por Laura Esquivel Estamos en Capítulo 5- Mayo. Chorizo Norteño. (May 15, 2019) El libro esta divido por meses del año We will watch the movie when we finished reading the book. -Niveles: Para todos los niveles. -We meet every other Wed. Great Tip! How to get any book a the best! Value or even free? 1) Of course you can buy used at any local bookstore 2) E-books : there are a lots of choices: a) Go to Google/PlayBooks (sometimes they will offer rewards) I bought "Como Agua Para Chocolate" for $4.35 ;> b) Amazon! 3) There is fantastic article I ran into: "How To Download Tons Of Free eBooks Online For Any eReader Device" by[masked] Reading is Amazing! It makes your mind stronger and brighter. ìTe felicito! BTW-As an option:) I am able to private Tutor (based on availability) either On-line/On-Ground or Small Groups- just contact me. Carla Jeane (I am currently private tutoring various in the group. So, space is limited) Spanish Language Certified ELE- -Gracias! Alan for placing this event. U d best!