Saturday, Sep 29, 7:30-9 PM


Zeitgeist Multi-Disciplinary Arts Center
Getting there
1618 Oretha Castle Haley Boulevard, New Orleans, LA

CIELOAlison McAlpine (Celestial
documentary from Chile) Friday, September 28 @ 9:30 pm & Saturday through Thursday, September 29 through October 4 @ 7:30 pm nightly
Set in
Chile’s Atacama Desert,
explores the sublime night sky, employing an elegant, unusual use of time-lapse photography to capture the movements of a breathtaking astronomical tableau. Filmmaker
Alison McAlpine’s thoughtful narration and the ambient sounds of the desert are blended with otherworldly music and affecting moments of deep silence. The resulting meditation on the heavens is a mystical paean to the beauty of the sky and an inspiring vision of a universe that we both see and cannot see. The Atacama – with its high-altitude setting (between the Andes and Chilean Coast Mountains), aridity (the driest non-polar place in the world, receiving an average of only .6 inches of rain per year), and near-complete lack of cloud cover and light pollution – is an ideal place to appreciate the firmament.
is a distinctively cinematic reverie on these night skies, as experienced by astronomers at the
La Silla,
Paranal, and
Las Campanas observatories, as well as local farmers, cowboys, and miners.