Saturday, Jul 21, 12 PM-3 AM


Getting there

Welcome to the Cigar Bruhs "Conclave Que Cave" (CQC) 533 Toulouse Street, New Orleans, La. 70130 (@Cuban Crafters Cigar Lounge in the French Quarters) Cigar Bruhs President: Brother Bobby Clayton 205-281-3188 Lounge Manager: Soror Evelyn Crawford 504-478-4045 Promoter: Brother Rodney Silk Burrell, 3AH79 267-978-3046 "A Man Cave is for Men, but the Conclave Que Cave is for the BRUHS!" The Cigar Bruhs Conclave Que Cave (CQC) is the Official Smoke Owt Headquarters for the Cigar Bruhs of Omega during the 81st Grand Conclave. We would like to Cordially and Formally Welcome all Brothers of Omega Psi Phi Fraternity, Inc., their Friends, Families and Visitors to New Orleans Louisiana for our 81st Grand Conclave. We have transformed the Cuban Crafters Cigar Lounge in the French Quarters into the Official Smoke Owt Headquarters for the Cigar Bruhs of Omega. We affectionately call this lounge "The Conclave Que Cave" (CQC). The address is 533 Toulouse Street, New Orleans, La. 70130. This beautiful Lounge offers hand rolled Cuban Crafter Cigars, an assortment of National Cigar Brands, a beautiful air conditioned lounge featuring a full top shelf bar, drink and cigar specials, large soft leather seats, large spaces, food and shuttle services to and from our location. Our Host and Manager of the Conclave Que Cave (C.Q.C) is a Delta, Soror Evelyn Crawford and the promoter is Brother Rodney Silk Burrell, CEO of Burrell Marketing Group, BMG. For more information or directions, contact Evelyn at 504-478-4045. To Purchase Admission Tickets to the Cigar Bruhs "CONCLAVE QUE CAVE", click this EVENTBRITE LINK: -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- To Purchase Cigar Bruhs Round Trip Bus Tickets to the CLAVE, click this EVENTBRITE LINK BELOW: ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- We have prepared a series of Cigar Bruhs Smoke Owt Activities and Events coordinated with the Official Omega Psi Phi Conclave Events and Activities. The Omega Conclave Shuttle Buses will bring Brothers and visitors to and from the Conclave Que Cave. Once again, welcome to the 81st Grand Conclave Clave and please visit the Conclave Que Cave to Smoke Owt with the BRUHS!! Roo! Roo!