Friday, May 3, 12-5 PM


Getting there
3718 St Claude Ave, New Orleans, LA
Natalie McLaurin
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Antenna Gallery April 2019 Address: 3718 St Claude Ave Website: Telephone: 504-298-3161 Name of Exhibition: Cinch On view: April 13-May 5, 2019 Opening Reception: April 13, 6-10pm Daily hours: Tuesday through Sunday 12-5 About the show: Curated by Abdi Farah, Laura Gipson, and Natalie McLaurin, Cinch is the fifth exhibition presented by Antenna Gallery that gathers together artists whose artistic practices have connections to fiber. The exhibition explores the multifaceted meaning of “cinch,” featuring artists fastening, fixing, attaching, pinning, sewing, stitching, binding, and making sure. "CLOTH IS THE BODY’S FIRST ARCHITECTURE; IT PROTECTS, CONCEALS, AND REVEALS; IT CARRIES OUR WEIGHT, SWADDLES US AT BIRTH AND COVERS US IN SLEEP AND IN DEATH.” -ANN HAMILTON Featuring work by Teresa Cole, Abdi Farah, Laura Gipson, Susan Gisleson, Louise Mouton-Johnson, Baxter Koziol, Cora Lautze, Destiny Palmer, Jagdeep Raina, Bobby Smith, and Jacqueline Surdell. Image Baxter Koziol, ARCHIVE SWORD KIT, 2019