Saturday, Jan 11, 6-10 PM

CMYKings: Zines in Four Colors: Antenna Gallery – Reading Room

Antenna Gallery

On view: January 4 - March 1 Opening Reception: Jan 11, 6-10pm Closing Reception: February 8, 6-10pm Daily hours: Tuesday through Sunday 12-5 Artist Involved: Amanda Amey, Astrid Bowlby, Amanda D'Amico, Shyla Hazen, Jessica Hoffman, Sam Kelly, Rachel Kobasa, Emily Larned, Leah Mackin, Sarah Moody, Rachel Morris, Pilar Nadal, J. Pascoe, Bobby Rosenstock, Hope Rovelto, Emmeline Solomon, Erin Sweeney, Jen Thomas, Lauren Tosswill, Imin Yeh CMYKings is an annual exchange of zines by an ever-growing national group of artists, organized by Philadelphia-based book artist Amanda D'Amico. Over six years this collective has produced 50 zines and 18 prints that serve the mission of the project: to honor print history, to embrace print technology, to use restrictions as inspiration, to make new work by any means necessary, and to support and encourage fellow artists. Visitors will be invited to make their own zines and contribute them to the exhibition.