Saturday, Mar 9, 7-9 PM

Concerning the Art: The Thaumaturgy of the Key of Solomon

Hex New Orleans
Getting there
1219 Decatur Street, New Orleans, LA

Join Austin Shippey on the threshold between the worlds as we learn and practice the Art contained within the most fundamental Western Occult manuscript: The Key of Solomon. This class will be in the form of a two-part intensive beginning with an in-depth overview of the methods within the Key, and ending with an actual Solomonic ritual wherein we will practice methods of purification, connecting to our higher selves, the activation of pentacles, and summoning the celestial intelligences and serving-spirits to have them execute our desires. When leaving this class you will take away the know-how to create and consecrate magical tools and pentacles, use them in a magic circle, and summon and command powerful spirits. Not only will we learn how to accomplish our wills, we will also learn how to attune our minds to the highest powers and purify ourselves to eventually accomplish the Great Work. Solomonic magic involves complex ceremony. It demands union and worship with the Divine Source. It aims to command intelligent spirits. This magic is not for the faint of heart. Do not attend if you are sensitive to incense or do not want to participate in a ritual where intelligent spirits will be summoned. Correct attire would be a clean robe or simple, plain garments. You should come prepared to work magic and be in a reverential and pure state of mind. If you can take a cleansing bath beforehand, this is recommended. Bring a notebook to take notes and record sensations experienced during the ritual. Participants will be walked through each step of the Key of Solomon's methods and are asked to partake in various projects involving drawing on and cutting paper, consecrating objects, and following meditations. ABOUT AUSTIN SHIPPEYAustin Shippey is a witch and modern-day cunning man. He is the author of “Praesidium, A Handbook of Magical Defense and Protection.” His work with many clients as a cunning man across the Pacific Northwest has allowed him to experience the influence of magic in its most powerful form: helping the average person with spiritual and mundane crises, healing and fixing the situation in a way that only a magical person can. These up-close and personal experiences with the demonic and malefic sides of the spiritual world led him to write “Praesidium,” a book which can help those undergoing spiritual trouble and turmoil overcome their darkness to once again rejoice in the light. Austin’s involvement with witchcraft began in his early teenage years, culminating in initiation into the Alexandrian tradition. His work serves the Old Gods and the many Initiates seeking a higher fulfillment of the soul through the magic and mysteries of life. Continuing in the practice of a living witchcraft tradition and reanimating the methods of forgotten folk magic are Austin’s magical passions, which he pursues with one foot in this world and another in the world of the spirit.