Thursday, Feb 21, 9 AM-12 PM

Contractor’s Mastery Series: QuickBooks & Costing (Session 4 of 4)

Urban League of Louisiana, Contractor's Resource Center

Does the accounting process for your company separate the materials used in each step of your process? Do you know how to get accurate cost projections and A/R tracking by detailing your inventory in QuickBooks and linking to your chart of accounts for?
Attendees will learn how QuickBooks can help manage projects and their related budgets by: linking expense accounts to income accounts in QuickBooks, telling the difference between account names and designations, and creating smooth inflows and outflows. Limited computers with QuickBooks software will be made available to attendees; participants can also bring laptops with the trial or full versions of UDA ConstructionSuite installed for this training. *Registration is non-refundable.