Thursday, Oct 24, 6-9 PM

Culinary Fight Club – NOLA: The Black Box Challenge

Southern Food and Beverage Museum & Museum of the American Cocktail
Getting there
1504 Oretha Castle Haley Boulevard, New Orleans, LA

This challenge is definitely not for the weak of skilled. Since 2016 we have traveled the country and found some serious talents that can cook on the fly. And when we say fly, we mean fly by the seat of the pants! In this challenge the contestants only get one sous chef, and no one knows what the pantry or the infused ingredients. Chefs have seconds to review what's in their mystery basket of pantries and the clock starts to get that gourmet plate up in 60 minutes. Every Black Box challenge is different and there’s no way to prepare for this challenge. You must have mad skills and you much know a thing or two about cooking...not just any cooking but experienced cooking. Let's face it, don’t we all do a little Black Box Challenge in our kitchens sometimes? Not many have all the ingredients to make the exact recipes but if you know your way around the kitchen you can whip up some amazing dishes...or can you? This exciting challenge is a Chef Favorite and you can be sure to see some mad skills in this challenge. Get your tickets and experience what real Chefs can whip up on the Fly! And bring your palates, we expect you to have an opinion Fight Clubbers!