Thursday, Jan 3, 2019 7 PM

Cult of the Reptile God:Part 1 (Dungeon World)

D4 Gaming Cafe
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8228 Oak St., New Orleans, LA
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"No one's heard from the village of Orlane in over a week, which is strange given how much they like to brag about their harvest. Orlane is deep in the wild though, and so rumors whisper of their well being poisoned, or that mysterious evils and savage reptiles are encroaching from the marshes. Whatever is going on, you've got coin in it for you if you come back with the harvest caravan, now late in delivery." This adventure is split into 2 sessions, this being Part 1. The next session will complete Part 2 of the story. Sign up for both sessions if you can, though it is not required. *Dungeon World* is a fiction-forward role-playing system with an old school D&D flavor. As such, aspects of the setting will be created together through participation of the players at the table. An immediate danger will be introduced, and then we all play to find out what happens! The Game Master will have dice available, though should you choose to bring your own the game utilizes a standard set of poly-sided dice, relying primarily on a 2d6 roll system. Character sheets and pencils will be provided. Purchasing something at the Cafe is highly encouraged.