Tuesday, Sep 18, 8:30 AM-4:30 PM

Cultural Intelligence:
Best D*^& Diversity Class EVER!

Gretna City Police Department

Cultural Intelligence:
Best D*^& Diversity Class EVER!
Hosted by Gretna LA PD $150.00 per person Sept 18th, 2018 - 8:30-4:30 Description:
This course is based on EDUCATION and delivered with a generous
dose of humor, not
guilt or
Learn about body language, eye-contact, ways of thinking, expression, values & how ALL of these applies to
policing, police safety, communication & building respect with co-workers & community members.

The Demographic changes taking place and how it will affect policing
Origin of stereotypes & myths for gender, race, religion, profession, & sexuality
How individual cultures use and perceive eye-contact, space & volume differently
How misinterpretation of verbal & non-verbals can elevate situations affecting officer safety
Build trust & accurate understanding through knowledge
Clashing: Euro Am vs African Am vs Asian Am vs
Hispanic Am vs Middle Eastern Am vs Police
Generations, People with Disabilities & GLBTQ cultures are also discussed How to use cultural intelligence to build a more diverse and safer agency and community

Recommended Audience: This course can literally be modified for any group.
CEO's, supervisors, PIO's,
recruiters. patrol and civilian
employees can all benefit
from this course.