Thursday, Nov 15, 7-9 PM

CWIMA Connect Event – New Orleans, LA

Connect Event
Getting there
Address will be on ticket, New Orleans, LA

A Gathering of Education, Inspiration and Connection Thursday, November 15, 2018
Paypal receipt required for admission. Please register in advance.
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Become a Member of CWIMA Connect Events Open to all women! All Christian women who impact our culture in media are invited to become part of this vibrant and growing organization.It is our desire to connect women in purpose and vision. Media is not limited to television and radio. It includes all forms of mass communication, arts and entertainment: Internet/Social Media, Publishing/Authors, Journalism, Film, Music and Support Agencies. If you are the host of a program or a producer; if you write books or publish them; if you are an actor, a film producer or screenwriter, you are invited to join! Come to our next event and enjoy spiritual encouragement, professional enrichment, and networking with your peers! 2018-2019 SEASON SCHEDULESeptember 20, 2018November 15, 2018January 17, 2019March 21, 2019

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